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Whether you are an experienced wine critic, an expert sipper, or someone whose wine knowledge starts and ends with the words ‘red’ and ‘white’, you’ll find Therapy Vineyards wines accessible, solid, elegant and consistent. We make the kinds of wine we like: whites that are aromatic, fresh, clean and crisp; reds that are balanced, well-aged, and approachable from the day you take them off the shelf. Therapy wines are guided by the expert hands and taste buds of winemaker Steven Latchford. With 15 years of experience in the industry including six years as head Winemaker at Therapy Vineyards, Steve knows how to put a bottle around delicious. Steve is all about simplicity in his wine production.

“To coax great wine out of grapes, you have to appreciate what each variety is capable of, let the grapes grow in balance to develop their character, and then give the fruit room to be the best it can be when you’re turning it into wine,” he says. “When everything is done right, making wine is actually really simple: no unnecessary additives, no bandaid solutions.”

The grapes that make up our wines are locally grown, sourced either from our spectacular lake-view vineyards in Naramata, from other Naramata growers or brought the short distance from trusted grape suppliers on the hot slopes near Oliver, BC, half an hour to the south. We are proud to grow our grapes sustainably (which means we limit pesticides and try to work in tune with nature) and to be one of the few local wineries crafting wines from vines that have proven themselves for more than 20 years.