Therapy (ˈther-ə-pē)

noun treatment intended to relieve or heal body, mind or behaviour. synonyms: treatment, remedy, cure, wine.

With the crystal blue of Okanagan Lake sparkling in front, the sun-baked desert mountains rising up behind, and green hill upon hill of vineyard all around, you’ll think you’ve found perfection here. Actually, we’re pretty sure you have.

Therapy Vineyard & Guesthouse’s west facing, tucked against the mountains location makes for slow starting mornings and long, hot evenings. The conditions are nearly ideal for growing grapes and – maybe not coincidentally – darn near perfect for tasting wine and relaxing on the patios of our Guesthouse too. Come join us for a sip, a night’s stay, or an extended vacation. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: we already know you’ll never want to leave.


Winemaker Steven Latchford

You’ll likely squeeze wine from a stone before you’ll convince Steven Latchford to say much about himself. But, be warned: get him talking about the art and science of winemaking and you’ll quickly learn more about phenolics and vineyard hedging, aromatics and balance that you ever knew you wanted. This is a guy who truly loves what he does.

Steve was born and raised on a mixed farm in Ontario’s agricultural belly-button. Even as a teenager, he was equal parts outdoorsman and artist: top of the class in graphic design and drawing but, afterschool, knee deep in the heavy, dirty work of a dairy farm because it let him be outside and in touch with nature. Since becoming a crop-circle designer or cow-patty sculptor didn’t appeal to him, he opted instead to pursue the other obvious career path of a true agri-artist: wine making.

Steve’s first foray into the wine industry was a jump with both feet. While the ink was still drying on his high school graduation diploma, he marched over to Niagara College Teaching Winery and leaped right back into school in their winery and viticulture technologist certification program. But, because the program wasn’t quite enough of a wine-immersion for this 150 per center, he landed his first job in the industry at the same time: working for Vincor International at Jackson Triggs. Working with so large a winery meant Steve was able to try his hand and develop his skill in multiple kinds of winemaking. While his work on big-label Vincor products revolved around volume production and cutting edge technologies, making wine for Vincor subsidiaries like Le Clos Jordanne gave Steve room to develop expertise in bio-dynamics and organic, more artisan-style winemaking. Today, Steve confidently combines old-world techniques with the latest in winemaking innovation to craft his yummy sippers.

Steve moved West in 2007, excited about British Columbia’s burgeoning wine scene. He was quickly snapped up by Naramata’s Holman Lang group of wineries, where he worked as assistant winemaker until Therapy Vineyard recruited him as Head Winemaker in 2008.


Managing Partner – René Massinon

Manitoban-born René Massinon discovered his wine-side five years into a 35 year engineering career when he and his family moved to Paris, France for an engineering contract. In his role as CEO of an engineering and construction company, René travelled the world on business, often finding himself in some of the top grape-growing and wine-making centers of each continent. You know the old saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Travelling throughout regions that are home to some of the world’s oldest vineyards, best wineries, and most exciting winemaking talent, René did as the locals do: he jumped headfirst into a love-affair with wine.

Very quickly, wine-ideas percolating and business-savvy piqued, René started thinking seriously about how he might get his hands dirty in vineyard soil of his own.

René’s wife Marie was more than supportive: she was downright keen on learning about wine too. The two began committing their vacation time to wine-education, travelling to wine regions from Europe to South America to California to refine their palates and develop their wine-industry business knowledge.

In 2005, René officially uncorked a new stage of life, investing in Therapy Vineyards as a limited partner. Three years later, he and three other Therapy Vineyards limited partners took on the management and direction of the winery as General Partners. In 2010, René retired from the engineering business and, two years later, stepped into the Managing Partner role for Therapy.

A hands-on leader, René offers business savvy and confident direction, as well as limitless enthusiasm for the industry and well-deserved pride in the Therapy brand he continues to help grow.